Johnson Law is a full-service law firm, specializing in all areas of civil practice to ensure that our clients have well-balanced, highly efficient and effective representation. The services we extend set forth a platform to meet the business and personal needs of a broader range of clients. While Johnson Law takes on most cases, except for criminal defense, there is nothing too challenging for our team.

Our Mission

Johnson Law is a traditional, full-service law firm, with a 21st century spin. While the firm represents clients in a broad array of legal areas, we don’t limit ourselves to being your run-of-the-mill attorneys. We consider ourselves attorneys, advisors and counselors. Our clients come to us with a spectrum of issues that we are able to solve using the law in the most unique way possible and personalized to benefit every client’s individual needs.

Being a general practice law firm, we pride ourselves on one main focus: to secure our clients the most favorable financial outcome for each matter. Whether our clients are presented with a mortgage foreclosure dispute or a divorce matter, Johnson Law’s team works to protect our clients and their assets. We believe that every case is an opportunity establish or reorganize our clients for a stable and prosperous financial future.

Our clients’ best interests are our interests. Upon first meeting with us, our clients are greeted by our entire team. Because each member of our team brings a fresh viewpoint of the law, every member of our staff is briefed on every matter we take on. Not only are we passionate about the law, but even more so about our clients. Our clients rely upon and trust our expertise and original approach to the practice of law, and we do not take it lightly; it is what drives us.

Homeowner’s & Investor’s Rights

In the wake of a global economic downturn and a devastated housing market, Johnson Law has been able to secure every client faced with a mortgage foreclosure a favorable outcome, both financially and personally. Our firm’s well-versed and impressive financial focus ensures that our clients have the edge in every defense matter. The firm’s founder, Tige C. Johnson, began his legal career representing large financial institutions. Consequently, Johnson Law has unprecedented knowledge of the regulations and laws under which lenders operate. We are confident that Johnson Law is the only law firm that represents our clients until the very end, and we can deliver the exit strategies that our clients require.

Financial & Estate Planning

As a well-rounded law firm, we work with individuals and families in their legal, financial and personal affairs, including asset management, business succession, estate planning, trusts and estates matters, commercial transactions and litigation, and dispute resolution relating to estates. Not only do we focus on ensuring a stable present and future for our clients, but we also look towards setting up a solid foundation for generations to come.

Civil & Commercial Litigation

Our team takes a creative and innovative approach to every matter. A client’s simple defamation action can evolve into a complex civil and commercial litigation suit using the talent and inventive minds at Johnson Law. We see every matter as an opportunity to use existing law and to advocate for new, improved law to the benefit of our clients. In a plaintiff’s action, we will set forth and advance every viable claim to represent our clients. When defending our clients’ matters, we put any cause of action to the test and assert our clients’ legal interests and rights to the fullest extent possible. Our firm has the tools to get our clients the outcomes they want, and we work with vigor and determination to ensure that outcome. When traditional venues in the courtroom prove ineffective, our attorneys look beyond normal solutions to offer a multifaceted approach to resolution of disputes, including mediation, arbitration and negotiation.

Real Estate Transactional

We serve all parties involved in the market: from developers, investors, and syndicators, to buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords, both large and small scale (including evictions). Being well-versed in all types of commercial and residential real estate activities—including financing, transaction structuring, land and asset acquisition, marketing, re-zoning, construction, leasing and project management—allows Johnson Law to service all of our clients’ needs. The firm’s expertise in foreclosure defense also lends itself to our representation of third party purchasers. Our team will provide comprehensive advice throughout all stages of any transaction from structuring the entity that will purchase the property, to obtaining all necessary approvals for development, to acting on the sales of units in the new development.

Corporate & Business Transactions

Johnson Law serves its clients from the start-up stages and throughout the growth of their businesses. With our experienced background, Johnson Law is able to give our clients the work product of a large firm with the personal attention of a modest-sized firm. We offer a wide range of expertise for all types of transactions, including:

      • Business Structuring and Formation
      • Ownership Agreements
      • Mergers and Acquisitions and Divestitures
      • Financing and Securities
      • Corporate Governance
      • General Contract Matters


Johnson Law believes it is never too late to assert the interests of our clients. For cases with a seemingly bleak future, our team will never turn down the challenge of a late-stage case and ensuring that our clients have exhausted all possible solutions in getting what they deserve. With some of the most brilliant legal minds, we are able to craft the law by way of persuasive legal briefs and powerful oral arguments and we apply our extensive experience and passion for our clients’ interests to achieve results for our clients.

Family Law

The staff at Johnson Law is available to make our clients’ transitions as smooth as possible with the best possible economic outcome. We believe that a divorce is simply a business transaction gone wrong. Our team works to ensure that our clients’ lives are in the best possible shape following the dissolution of their marriage transaction. We handle everything from division of family assets and pensions, and the sale of the family property and homes, to spousal support, child support, custody and access.